Death From Above

DRG-1N Dragon


The "Awesome Dragon" is an heavily modified DRG-1N Dragon that belongs to fictional DFA character Talon on Death from Above.


Although it hasn't been explicitly stated, it can be deduced, because of Talon's rank in the DCMS, that the Dragon is a family Battlemech. Presumably Talon's previous service in the DCMS was with this ride.

The current modification on the Dragon were performed by Laurent Yaboa.

Talon likes to lead from the front, meaning the dragon has sustained a lot of punishment in the multiples engagement it took part in. He usually put himself in the line of fire first but usually manage to keep internal damage to a minimum.

In episode 19 season 2 its reactor went nuclear and the unit was destroyed


  • The right arm (along with the AC/5) has been replaced with a salvaged Awsome's right arm with a PPC.
  • The rear firing medium laser has been re-positioned to fire in the forward arc.
  • The ammunition load and extra weight from the AC/5 has been used to add extra heat sinks and armor.


  • The Mech hasn't been officially called the Awesome Dragon in play but it is the way it is referred to out of play by Tyler and the cast.
  • When asked about the lack of name, Talon replied: "It has a name. Luthien Armor Works gave it a designation. DRG-1N. That will do just fine". 
  • The Mech taking center torso damage usually prompt Talon to say "Now it's a battle". 
  • The Dragon's paint job is a great medium for practical jokes at Talon's expense. In stark contrast to it's pilot personality It was once painted with glitter. Recently it has been adorned with a rainbow. 
  • In episode 2.1, early attempts by the crew to give the Mech a nickname resulted in the moniker Pork-chop because of the charred armor all over the vehicle. The Moniker would become Pork-chop express and be a place holder for the whole unit until the official name was chose by the Lord Commander
  • After the addition of the PPC in place of the AC5 it was joked in game that the Draconis Combine would either try to kill Talon for messing with the Dragon, or would just copy the design. The latter is a nod to the Grand Dragon variant of the Dragon, which likewise replaces the AC5 with a PPC.  
  • Although not noted, it seems to be implied from the dates that Talons Awesome Dragon was the basis for the Grand Dragon design that started to appear in the Draconis Combine in 3024.