Death From Above


Captain Arkansas Dave Ruddaban is a fictional character from death from above. He is a Mechwarrior pirate from the Red Horizon pirate group and was played by HBS staffer Mike XX. He piloted an AWE-8Q Awesome.

Captain Arkansas Dave Ruddaban


In 3023 Ruddaban commanded a small pirate force consisting of 3 Scimitar hovertanks, a Cicada and an Awesome on a raid to Borgen's Rift where he was engaged the Marauders. He was accompanied by his first mate Jenkins.

During the engagement, he disabled the safety on his Mech's fusion reactor. When the reactor took laser damage, it went critical, destroying his Mech in the process.

He was taken prisoner by Magistracy forces.


  • "We'll kill all your men instead"
  • "I like my tanks with turrets"
  • "Your ambush is prematargh!"