This page lists every player and non-player character ever to appear on DFA. For more differentiation, you can visit the category page for player characters or non-player characters.

DFA:R - The following characters are missing:

DFA - The following characters are missing:

  • Lazarus
  • Count Albrecht Morgenstern "the Anvil" (ep27 OpFor)
  • Lord Cuthbert, ep20
  • OpFor from ep25 (the Hands)
  • Cpt Galushi, ep23
  • the Ears, ep24
  • the Face, ep22
  • ep19 OpFor
  • ep18 OpFor
  • Irina, the spy from ep17
  • Cpt Boulivard? spelling
  • Lord Mulligan sr
  • Lord Mulligan jr

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