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The official wiki for the hit Hyper RPG tabletop BattleTech show, Death From Above (DFA), the mini series Death from Above: Renegades (DFA:R) and Death From Above: Legacy (DFA:L).

DeathFromAbove HyperRPG


This homebrew BattleTech game is GM’d by Harebrained Schemes BATTLETECH designer Tyler Carpenter! Death From Above follows Mason’s Marauders, a group of mercenaries brought together by a mysterious benefactor. As they traverse the Periphery, making friends and foes, they find themselves engaged in dramatic tabletop battles with 3D-printed ‘Mechs! When the ‘Mechs take damage in game, we damage them in real life- watch the ‘Mechs get hammered, burned, drilled and more to simulate battle damage! Don’t get too attached to those Marauders though- permadeath exists on Death From Above! When a character bites the dust, their actor is off the show forever!


The mini series is GM'd by Zombie Orpheus Productions Chris Ode and has eight episodes set in the DFA universe.


Season 3 of DFA is re-branded as DFA: Legacy and is GM'd by Zombie Orpheus Productions' Matt Shimkus.


As much as we try and include spoiler warnings in pages that contain spoilers for the #DFA storyline, please consider this whole wiki as of now as a potential spoiler to your viewing experience. You have been warned! :)

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