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The official wiki for the hit Hyper RPG tabletop BattleTech show, Death From Above (DFA), the mini series Death from Above: Renegades (DFA:R) and Death From Above: Legacy (DFA:L).

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DFA[edit | edit source]

This homebrew BattleTech game is GM’d by Harebrained Schemes BATTLETECH designer Tyler Carpenter! Death From Above follows Mason’s Marauders, a group of mercenaries brought together by a mysterious benefactor. As they traverse the Periphery, making friends and foes, they find themselves engaged in dramatic tabletop battles with 3D-printed ‘Mechs! When the ‘Mechs take damage in game, we damage them in real life- watch the ‘Mechs get hammered, burned, drilled and more to simulate battle damage! Don’t get too attached to those Marauders though- permadeath exists on Death From Above! When a character bites the dust, their actor is off the show forever!

DFA:R[edit | edit source]

The mini series is GM'd by Zombie Orpheus Productions Chris Ode and has eight episodes set in the DFA universe.

DFA:L[edit | edit source]

Season 3 of DFA is re-branded as DFA: Legacy and is GM'd by Zombie Orpheus Productions' Matt Shimkus.

DFA GEAR[edit | edit source]

As much as we try and include spoiler warnings in pages that contain spoilers for the #DFA storyline, please consider this whole wiki as of now as a potential spoiler to your viewing experience. You have been warned! :)

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