Death From Above


Edwin Jones or Jackal is a fictional character of Death from Above. He is played by HyperRPG and twitch host Goobers515 and is a regular character on the series. Edwin is a mechwarrior and part of Mason's Marauders. He has a bionic replacement for his left hand and suffers from TDS , PTSD and has symptoms reminiscent of schizophrenia or dissociative identity disorder but is not officially diagnosed.

He started his career in the Marauders piloting Beta's old Catapult and later the Orion "Modern Tragedy" but was assigned a brand new Thunderbolt TDR-5SE he instantly named "Teddy". Edwin has a very large family, giving him many contacts on numerous planets of the rimward periphery.


Before the Marauders[]

Edwin was presumably an IndustrialMech miner when he joined the New Abilene Militia to fight against the rebels. After his unit was massacred in battle, he blamed the lost 3rd commander and vowed revenge.

Lord Mulligan suggested Edwin to the Lord Commander as a replacement when the Marauders lost Beta and disposed of Diva. Jackal's trials didn't go well as he disobeyed battlefield commands during combat. In the end he didn't seem fit for the unit and he was passed over for recruitment.

Joining the Marauders[]

In the final battle against the rebels, Jackal appeared to the rear of the Countess's forces in Lord Mulligan's Commando, causing much confusion to both the rebels and the Marauders. After the battle, he was offered a place among the Marauders, proving to be both a useful lance-mate and a constant source of headaches.


Edwin Jones is not crazy, he is sick, suffering from mental instability since his lance got wiped out by the Lost Third. While off medication, he shows a behavior that is best summarized in the call-sign the Lord Commander gave him for a short time, "Twitch". If on medication, Edwin's pattern changes from "normal person" to "normal person with slight outbreaks of anger and violence". But he was always able to channel said aggression towards an enemy of the Marauders.


  • after getting a custom made needler shotgun "Let me call you Bill!"

Edwin Jones on/to other Chars[]

to Mason Garrilac[]

  • "There is strategy - and the is doing the right thing" (Ep26)
  • "Have my family ever needed mechs when helping this team before?" (Ep26)

Others on/to Edwin Jones[]


  • "I am his biggest fanboy" (Episode 27, TT Session)


  • none yet