Death From Above

"Sunset and Ash" is episode 24 of Death From Above, season 1.


Ill Wind - 24.1 - Death From Above

The Marauders must fight against time in order to eliminate The Benefactor's intelligence expert.


The Marauders have been traveling for a month to the Arn System in search of a powerful ally of the mysterious Benefactor known as Commander Felony aka The Ears.  Jackal has spent his time in the simulator practicing piloting The Orion, Coryphee has been enjoying her newly acquired Awesome, and Valravan has been mainly absent from the rest of the crew while she attempts to gain inner focus and strength.

Upon arrival in the system, the Lord Commander gets in touch with an old friend by the name of Waylan.  The information he receives is both disturbing and enlightening.  The Ears are ensconced in a compound surrounded by suburban homes, various air support units, civil unrest, and local “Interrogation and Torture Squads”.  Waylan also has news about the Zathras, mainly that there are deep secrets buried on the planet and that the Benefactor might have designs on these secrets and power within the government of Zathras.

A frenetic and bloody battle takes place, during which Valravan’s family history is brought to the forefront and sensitive information regarding her mother is broadcast out into space.  Coryphee, as the Lord Commander’s daughter, is the main target and is knocked to the ground early on.  Through skill or luck she manages to survive and the Marauders are finally able to defeat The Ears, Valravan having the honor of executing him in person.  Upon raiding The Ears information drives the team finds that the remaining ally of The Benefactor, The Hands, has a previously unknown partner.  There is also information about the Emperor of Zathras and most importantly, that The Benefactor now knows the Lord Commander’s weakness…his daughter, Coryphee.