Death From Above


Jackson, callsign Diva, was a fictional character of Death from Above. She was part of the regular main cast of the series and played by Jell Baca.

Diva was a mechwarrior in Mason's Marauder and an undercover agent of the Loki branch of the Lyran Intelligence corps. She usually piloted a CN9-A Centurion called "Rhythm Nation" before being assigned the ON1-K Orion she named "Modern Tragedy".

Details of her identity, training or filial ties were never disclosed.

She was poisoned on orders on the Lord Commander.


Before the Marauders[]

Jackson's Loki mission statement was never revealed. She built her cover for the Marauders by taking part in lower tired mech duels on Solaris VII.

The leverage the mysterious Benefactor had on Jackson for co-opting her in the Marauders was never disclosed.

Adventures with the Marauders[]

Often described as "loopy" by observers, the demeanor she exhibited was that of a slightly disconnected person. Added to her frequent departures and that she kept mostly to herself, she never connected with her fellow Marauders.

In combat, she often used flashy and bold battlefield tactics.


Because she never earned the trust of the Lord Commander, Garrilac had her investigated by Beta. Diva found out about the investigations and fearing her cover was in jeopardy, she decided to dispose of Beta by tipping the bounty hunter Geist on his whereabouts. She then took leave of the unit and the events of (episode) followed their course.

Unbeknownst to her, Beta had time to conclude his investigation and had left a written report of it before he was killed in action. The report was discovered by the Lord Commander shortly after his death. When Diva came back to the Marauders, the Lord Commander had her poisoned and confronted her with the evidence as she agonized.


Diva displayed a loopy, ditzy, disconnected personality. While a saboteur was roaming the Yojimbo, instead of "fight or flight" - and you would expect fight from a Mechwarrior - she went to the kitchen for snacks.


Jackson on/to other Chars[]


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  • "I am his biggest fanboy" (Episode 27, TT Session)


  • Her death and backstory may have been planned this way, but the date was brought upon Jell and Tyler due to IRL obligations of Jell, which forced her to leave DFA.