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Julius Burke is a fictional character in Death from Above. He's an NPC played by Game Master Tyler Carpenter and he captains the Yojimbo, the Marauders's dropship.

History Edit

In Episode 1-Lockdown Burke stated he and Mason Garrilac went back a long way.

Around 3022 Burke embezzled an undisclosed amounth of funds and stole the Yojimbo from the Zathras Empreror.

The mysterious Benefactor used this to co-opt in in his service.

Not much else is known of his personal history.

Even on New Abilene, Burke resides on the Yojimbo.

Personality Edit

Burke is a rather low key support character who had a slight (scottish? accent).

Tyler uses him in game as a source of intelligence. Burke will usually present intelligence, suggest courses of action and answer question on ship's readiness.

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