Death From Above


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GRF-1N Griffin

"Koschei" is the nickname given to the heavily modified GRF-1S Griffin in Death from Above. It is the family 'Mech of the Rasalhague Military District (Draconis Combine) based family Matsuo. The 'Mech is piloted by its current heir, Natalya "Valravn" Matsuo. She usually carries a steel girder to use as a club in the mech's left hand.


Koschei is a family 'Mech that was passed down from mother to daughter. It has been Valravn’s personal 'Mech since the inception of the Marauders. It is currently unknown if Natalya Matsuo or some ancestor before her named the 'Mech.


Koschei has seen extensive modification to enhance its close combat and melee abilities. 

  • It is equipped with battle fists salvaged from a BattleMaster 'Mech. 
  • The right torso LRM-5 rack and its ammo was replaced somewhere down the line with three tons of additional armor.
  • The right arm Large Laser was later replaced by a highly accurate Star League-Era Large Pulse Laser.


  • Koschei is one of the two remaining original Marauders BattleMechs. The other one is Talon’s Dragon.
  • This is not the first time people with ties to Harebrained Schemes have used the name Koschei. In Shadowrun Hongkong, the drone created and used by Rigger "Racter" has the same name.
  • The Name Koschei, "the deathless", stems from Slavic folklore, where he is an archetypal male antagonist, used mainly in storytelling as abductor of the hero's wife. He has few but some resemblances to Vampires. You can read more about it here.
  • Koschei was originally the House Steiner version of the Griffin, armed with a Large Laser and two medium lasers in place of the PPC. The LRM rack was downgraded to a LRM 5 rack and four additional heat sinks were added.