Death From Above


Leah Adnan or Coryphée is a fictional character of Death from Above She is played by the hyper RPG host Strix and is a regular character on the series. Leah is a Mechwarrior and part of Mason's Marauders, and was later revealed to be the natural daughter of Mason Garrilac.

Her callsign, Coryphée, is the french title for leading ballerina. She currently pilots an Awesome AWS-8T.


Before joining the Marauders[]

The details of her upbrining, mechwarrior training or prior military service before the events of DFA have not been disclosed.

Ignorant of the circumstances of her mother's death during the invasion of Zathras, Leah was estranged with her father. 

Around 3023 she was kidnaped, imprisonned on [] and used as leverage on Mason by the Mysterious benefactor. She engineered her escape and eventually joinned the Marauders in 3024.

A common goal[]

Seeking vengance on her tormentor, Leah warily joined the Marauders on New Abeliene, and was intruduced as an old acquaintance to the Lord Commander. She would be later revealed as his natural daughter. She was assigned the stock OR1-K "Modern Tragedy".

During her adventures with the Marauders, she would start to mend her relationship with her father.


Maybe because of losing her mother, Leah's personality seems a bit torn. On the one hand she is a compassionate soul, trying to talk things through and helping her lancemates out. You can witness this especially in most of her interactions with Edwin Jones before Episode 26 and how she was the first and foremost voice to add Scrapple to the crew.

On the other hand she shows a cold streak and even a cruel side to herself, cutting off General Kam's hands and torturing The Face without a hint of remorse at the time.

Other Media[]

  • You can find Leah's battle diary here

Feats of Note:[]

  • Dance


  • "Nobody falls"
  • with Jackal "Sure about this, not one punch?" - "No, because you would like it"


  • When Leah was given the Orion to pilot it was noted by the Lord Commander that she was fully qualified on that design. Given that the Orion is the Lord Commanders favored mech, it is reasonable to assume Leah was taught to pilot in her father's Orion.