Death From Above
# Title Air Date Summary Episode Previously On DFA
3.1 The Dead Man's Hand Aug 25, 2017 A mercenary group, The Dead Man's Hand, is hired to sweep out pirates on Erewhon V. YouTube N/A
3.2 Discount Ron Jeremy Sept 1, 2017 The Dead Man's Hand must protect their Drop-ship from pirates. YouTube YouTube
3.3 Closing Time Sept 8, 2017 The Dead Man's Hand attempts to regroup in the face of overwhelming odds. YouTube YouTube
3.4 A Gentleman's Wager Sept 15, 2017 Hawk enlists the Dead Man's Hand to assist in a family matter. YouTube YouTube
3.5 Unlucky Number 17 Sept 22, 2017 The Dead Man's Hand train with their newly acquired armaments. YouTube YouTube
3.6 Anywhere But Here Sept 29, 2017 The Dead Man's Hand travel to the planet of Anywhere on a new contract. YouTube YouTube
3.7 Spectres Oct 6, 2017 The Dead Man's Hand are tasked with investigating an unusual structure. YouTube YouTube
3.8 Pickrock Hill Oct 13, 2017 The Dead Man's Hand are sent to hold the line against Clan Jade Falcon. YouTube YouTube
3.9 Santina Trespass Oct 20, 2017 The Dead Man's Hand defend a prison from Clan Jade Falcon. YouTube YouTube
3.10 Brigham Rollo Oct 27, 2017 The Dead Man's Hand must buy time for the Gambler to evacuate. YouTube YouTube
3.11 In the Nest Nov 3, 2017 Mason & Mackenzie must adapt to their new surroundings. YouTube YouTube
3.12 Payback: Part 1 Nov 17, 2017 The remnants of the Dead Man's Hand and 2nd New Ivaarsen Chasseurs combine forces to retrieve vital intelligence. YouTube YouTube
3.13 Black Friday Nov 24, 2017 Mason & Mackenzie must survive a Trial by Combat. YouTube YouTube
3.14 Payback: Part 2 Dec 1, 2017 Leo takes command and leads a small team into the Jade Falcon command center. YouTube YouTube
3.15 Falcons of Death Metal Dec 8, 2017 Mason & Mackenzie navigate Clan politics while assaulting the planet Steelton. YouTube YouTube
3.16 It's a Rumble Dec 15, 2017 Bishop reviews the data acquired by Leo and comes to a startling revelation. YouTube N/A
3.17 Counting the Cost Dec 22, 2017 Luna Hazen heads to the planet Apollo on a lead from 'The Prophet'. YouTube N/A
3.18 Apollo I Dec 29, 2017 The newly formed NEW-UNIT-NAME are assailed by unknown forces. YouTube YouTube
Apollo II Dec 29, 2017 Unexpected resistance to the Jade Falcons leads to a reunion with the past. YouTube N/A