Death From Above

Mechicutioner is a title bestowed to a person that has an important role on the HyperRPG Show Death from Above. Said person is solely responsible for translating the in-game damage to the mechs to the miniatures they use, so it becomes visible for the viewers. (One of the Immersion Factors on the Show)

In the early Episodes the Mechicutioner was different people hidden under dark robes, at one time it was BT-Sage Jordan Weismann himself. Every damage was translated to the miniatures using various tools like hammer, drill and soldering iron.

Later the concept was changed (both to reduce time consumption and preserve more of the miniatures) to only translate crits and part destruction to the miniature, but the tools remain the same.

Around that time the role and title of the Mechicutioner was awarded full-time to HyperRPGs own Viking_Lass, shedding the robes at the same time. Lorewise Viking_Lass was a mechtek hired by Laurent as a replacement for a KIA on the Marauder's Crew.