Death From Above



ON1-K Orion

"Modern Tragedy" was the nickname of a stock ON1-K Orion assigned to it by Mechwarrior Jackson "Diva" in Death from Above. The mech belonged to Mason’s Marauders and was salvaged in battle. The Mech's last pilot was Jackal but it was piloted by Diva, Beta and Coryphée during its service. 


The Mech was captured from (NPC name) after it fell during a landslide triggered by the Marauders, and took LRM damage from targeted shots by Beta that breached the cockpit armor. It was later dropped in a river when the bridge he was standing on was blown up by the Marauders in episode X. The mech was then assigned to Diva. 

In Diva’s absence, it was piloted by Beta when the Marauders confronted the bounty hunter Geist. Beta was killed in action during that battle by another decapitation shot from an AC/20. The Mech was assigned to Coryphée until the Marauder captured the Awesome she actually pilots. Upgrading from his own Catapult, Jackal then took the Cockpit of the Orion.

While piloted by Jackal, Modern Tragedy was destroyed by an ammunition explosion on Zathras during the battle for the Project Boomerang base (Episode 27).


  • Before episode 27 - Under the gun, the Left torso LRM-15 rack was removed and two SRM-6 rack were added instead.


Modern tragedy was considered cursed by the Chat and the pilots alike due to the high number of kills achieved on it by decapitation.

The Orion Is the Lord Commanders favored mech, with him piloting the Star League version in the simulator during the episode Training Day.

Modern Tragedy was named after 'This Modern Tragedy', a short film by Zac Eubank the CEO of HyperRPG.