Death From Above


Lady Natalya Matsuo, callsign "Valravn", Knight of the Order of Centrella, Owner of the Landship of Swanky-Bog in New Abilene is a fictional character of Death from Above. She is played by Hyper RPG host Steph Cheung and is a regular character on the series. Natalya is a MechWarrior specialized in close combat and part of Mason's Marauders.

She pilots a heavily modified Griffin GRF-1S nicknamed "Koschei".


Before joining the Marauders[]

Natalya hails from a MechWarrior family from the Draconis Combine military district of Rasalhague. It has been hinted that she did not attend any MechWarrior academy.

Forced into the Marauder []

The Mysterious benefactor used Natalya's mother's past and her illness as leverage to co-opt her into the Marauders. She was initially very wary of her lancemates, Talon, Beta, and Diva and her commander but eventually comes to trust them. Sadly the death of Beta and the betrayal by Diva hurt her enough to seek solitude, following the Lord Commander's usual solution found at the bottom of a bottle. After the hangover, she was back and ready to go. She has since become the moral support of the lance helping the other members cope with bad times and past decisions that come back to haunt them.


Natalya has a calm, seemingly shy demeanor most of the time. This changes most dramatically in battle, when her viking ancestor's blood begins to boil. There is a reason she prefers 'Mech melee and the dreaded DFA maneuver.

She likes (old myths and stories, seclusion in the wilderness - rephrase pls)

Most of the time Natalya stays silent, but if she speaks, others will listen. This can range from a morality grounding talk to a pep talk.

Feats of Note:[]

  • The show's eponymous Death From Above maneuver
  • Fury Road
  • Convincing Baroness Lazarov that she is alive worth more for her people than dead and she still can have a role to play without losing her honor.


Natalya Matsuo on/to other Characters[]

on theMystix[]

  • "My biggest fanboy!" (Episode 2, RP Session)

Others on/to Natalya Matsuo[]


  • "I am his biggest fanboy" (Episode 27, TT Session)


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