Death From Above


Rhythm Nation is the name of Stock Centurion CNT-9 that belonged to fictionnal character Diva on Death from Above. It was painted in bright colors to match Diva'S combat style


The mech was Diva’s first ride when the Marauders were formed. It has never been established when or how she obtained it. She used to mech in the lower tired Solaris VII mech duels. 

When she bought the mech over to the Marauders Diva used it in almost all her fight on the Marauders’ side.

Because of lack of space on the Yojimbo, the Rhythm Nation was sold off after the Marauder acquired an Orion they assigned to Diva.


  • No significant modification were made on this Mech.


  • Rhythm Nation had legs painted in sparkles
  • Rhythm Nation is a song by Janet Jackson from the Album Rhythm Nation 1814.