Death From Above


Suzette is the name of a QKD-4H Quickdraw that engaged the Marauders on Astur II. It was piloted by the Systems law enforcement authority, only known as the Sheriff. The mech was destroyed by a "Death from above" maneuver performed by Mechwarrior Valravn.



Suzette was fielded by the Sheriff during an engagement in 3023 on Hastur II against the Marauders in Episode 1 - Lockdown.

Outmanned and outgunned, the battle went poorly for the Sheriff. During the engagement he talked to his mech, urging *her* to remain operational.

After having taken some considerable damage to his arms and torso and in an attempt to better his odds, the Sheriff performed a successful Death from Above maneuver on Koschei.

The maneuver however didn't knock the Griffin out of the battle and inspired Valranv to retaliate in kind. Val managed to drive both of her Mech's knees strait into the head of Suzette, destroying the Mech and achieving the first ever Mech kill of the Marauders. The Sheriff was able to eject.


  • The normally rear firing medium lasers of the 4H had been mounted to the front arc.


  • Suzette was the first ever mech destroyed on the show.
  • Suzette used to be a common french name in the 50's.
  • Suzette comes from the Hebrew word/name Shoshanna and means Gracious Lilly.