Death From Above


The Character known as Burt the Sheriff is a fictional character from DFA. He was played by Alex Niedt. He is a Mechwarrior and the law enforcement officer responsible for the Hastur system.


On Hastur II, the Sheriff took command of a small combined arms force of tanks, fighter jets and a single QKD-4H Quickdraw  nicknamed Suzette . He tried to intercept and apprehend the, then unnamed, Marauders after they broke Mason Garrilac out of the Lockdown prison facility during Episode 1 - Lockdown . He was accompanied by his unnamed deputy (played by Nate Weisman) and helpers Jimmy I and II.

The Sheriff displayed a lot of overconfidence and stereotypical traits of a backwater periphery resident. He spoke English with an southern american accent and the associated slang.

His mech was destroyed by Valravn at the end of the engagement by DFA, the Sheriff managed to eject and survive.


  • "I don't take kindly to no riots on euh... in my area. And y'all going to be squished real quick... real quick" -Ep 1.2. To the Marauders in his opening speech.
  • "Now that there is some good strategery (*SIC*), I gotta say" - Ep 1.2. Commenting on his battle plan
  • "Dang it Jimmy! Jimmy Are you there - I can't hear you" - Ep 1.2. Upon the destruction of his first tank
  • "No Suzette my love, you'll be OK!" - Ep 1.2. After repeated hits on his Quickdraw.


  • The last part of the first Sheriff opening statement to the Marauders was used in the DFA reel on HyperRPG
  • The Sheriff was the first ever guest OpFor on DFA.