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A stock Condor

The Whim of the Wind is a Liao Variant of the common Condor hover tank. It is part of Mason's Marauders. It's owned and operated by Florien and her co-pilot Whiz-kid.

History Edit

The background and combat experience of the crew of the Whim of the Wind hasn't been disclosed.

The WotW joined the Marauders in late 3023 on (planet x) in episode y.

In combat the WotW is often maneuvered to the back of the enemy formation and used to score back shots. This tactic has proven highly effective.

Modification Edit

  • The Liao Variant has four turret mounted medium lasers instead of the usual AC/5, twin medium laser and machine gun.

Trivia Edit

  • The whim of the wind is a book by Violette Parra