Death From Above


Ben XX Callsign Wraith is a fictional character on Death from Above. He is played by HBS staff Kevin Maloney and is a recurring guest on the show. He is a Mechwarrior and an ally of the Marauders. He pilots a Marauder.


Wraith and Talon met up in the time between the later's dismissal from the DCMS and the creation of the Marauders, presumably as mercenaries working with underground figure Teddy Two Gloves.

In 3023, During Episode 3, On Borgen's rift the three were reunited when Teddy asked Talon's help for a short term job. Wraith's Marauder was crippled with a bad Gyro at the time and he needed funds or part to fix his Mech.

Because Talon needed to stay on planet, Wraith took his place in the Dragon on their first mission to New Abilene