Death From Above
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Leopard Class dropship


The ICS Yojimbo is a fictional space ship central to the plot of Death from Above. It is a Leopard class dropship capable of transporting a lance of four Battlemechs and a pair of aerospace fighters. The ship is part of Mason’s Marauder and captained by Lavaile. It's ownership is unclear.


Before the marauders[]

It has been stated that the Yojimbo is an old ship nearing the end of its service life, but details about its manufacturer or year of make have not been disclosed.

In service of the marauders[]

The Yojimbo has been the principal mean of planetary transport for the Marauders since the came together under the mysterious Benefactor's machinations.

On the show the Yojimbo is mostly a safe space for briefings, down time and a command post. However, a saboteur once tried to blow it up in episode (don’t remember but I think it’s 5)

As the Marauders do not own Aerospace assets, the Aerospace bays are used for carrying a spotter plane, a Mechlifter, spare parts and presumably a disassembled [Commando].


  • The Yojimbo stored the Marauders Mechlifter aircraft in one fighter bay, with the second fighter bay being used to hold a combat vehicle. It is unclear as to if this required any modification to either bay, or if the fighter bays on the Leopard Class are designed to allow them to be used in such a way as standard. As the Marauders were considering getting an Aerospace fighter just prior to hiring Whim of the Wind, and no mention was made of the need to modify the fighter bay, it seems probable that the latter is the case.


  • Yojimbo is a Japanese word for bodyguard or bouncer. It is also a movie by Akira Kurosawa.
  • Yojimbo was a secret Aeon in Final Fantasy X, resembling a stereotypical ronin type swordsman.
  • On HyperRPG, the chat is said to be the "crew of the Yojimbo", the dropship they have landed in Seattle, and every subscriber is assigned a post and rank (chat command !whoami). 
  • Although the Leopard Class dropship is listed as being able to only carry 4 mechs, there is a reference in the 3025 technical readout of a Leopard managing to lift off carrying 8 mechs, if barely. This explains how the Marauders have at times had more than four mechs on the Yojimbo.